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Banksy Book Launch

April 4, 2008

Someone wrote a book on Banksy. And, as everyone knows, when a book is written, it must be launched. Home Sweet Home, a biography of the artist, was welcomed into the world with a party at Cargo on Rivington Street in east London last night. I got high on the sweet-smelling fumes of all the spray paint as real-life graffiti artists shook those cans and did us some art right before our very eyes. Also, there was some singing. Here’s what I witnessed:

Some more nice pics of the event from unusualimage’s Flickr.

This is my favourite Banksy – she’s in Camden:

And this is my nearest one, on Rosebery Avenue:

Lots more in this Flickr group

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  1. Anners Scribonia permalink
    April 18, 2008 8:18 pm

    Hee hee, Banksy! Sorry. I meant the other Banksy. Paul Banks.

    But I like the Camden picture. That’s neato.



  1. Street art is so hot right now « To strive, to seek, to find…

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