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50th anniversary of The Sunday Times Magazine

January 31, 2012

The 50th anniversary of The Sunday Times Magazine is being marked by a photo exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery. What a trip back through time…

Sunday papers and arresting photojournalism just go together. The day of rest is simply not meant for reading densely-packed paragraphs [the Sunday tabloids are for kiss-and-tells, which are generally all about just the salient quotes].

Here are some highlights:

Top: Monty Python onstage in London, 1983 (Clive Arrowsmith)

Bottom: Mafia members on trial in Sicily, 1983 (Franco Zecchin)

The shooting of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr, Washington DC, 1981 (Michael Evans)

An officer with recruits at a police academy near Pretoria. South Africa, 1978 (Abbas)

A little-known singer called Dolly Parton. Nashville, 1977 (David Montgomery)

Images from the Vietnam War, 1978 (Don McCullin)

The exhibition runs until 19th February 2012. More info here.

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